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# 24 – Costa Rica – Part 1

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Mother nature & wildness + Pura Vida = Costa Rica

Pure Life use this term to say “hello” and “very good”. As well means say everything’s great, to say everything’s cool. However, it is not the words that reflect the true meaning of ¡Pura Vida!. Pura Vida is the way Ticos live.

Not surprisingly, Costa Rica has been named one of the happiest countries in the world, mostly because its inhabitants don’t stress about things the way most foreigners do. Ticos have a very relaxed, simple way of looking at life. 

I start my adventure landing in San Jose, hiring a 4 by 4, and driving to Tortuguero (Caribean Sea).

Once there, in Pavona left the car and take 2 boats through the rivers until we arrive to our amazing hotel. Most importantly is to wear a raincoat always with you.

The most amazing and nicest adventure to see the turtles, at night, laying eggs.

Just remember all the hostels have ´hamacas´the most popular item if you want to take a souvenir. I felt in love because they are super cool and confy.

We move after to La Fortuna, Volcán Arenal, when we trekking and saw plenty of animals.

In the afternoon we move to the hot springs river, just super relax feeling even when the biggest storm started.

I feel so free and myself, thanks to CR to make me feel that way again.



Madre naturaleza y locura + Pura Vida = Costa Rica

Pura Vida y equivale a “muy bien”, pero también simboliza para los costarricenses (Ticos) la simplicidad del buen vivir, el apego a la humildad, abundancia, exuberancia, bienestar, alegría, satisfacción, conformidad, felicidad y el optimismo, asociados al arte de apreciar la apostura en lo sencillo y natural, el arte del buen vivir.

Empiezo mi aventura aterrizando en San José, alquilando un 4 x 4, y directo a tortuguero (Mar Caribe).

Una vez que llegamos a la Pavona, aparcamos el coche y cogimos dos botes para cruzar los ríos hasta el alojamiento.

Para poder ver una de las experiencias más maravillosas, por la noche las tortugas suben del mar para poner sus huevos.

Antes de que se me olvide, si podeis os encontrareis hamacas en todos lados, una pena que no pude trajerme ninguna, pero si podeis….

Al dia siguiente suvimos hasta el Volcán Arenal, La Fortuna. Donde pudimos hacer trekking y ver muchísimos animales.

Por la tarde miramos como llegar a las aguas termales en un río, agua super calentita y relax. Incluso con el tormentón que empezó.

Hacía tiempo que no me sentía tan libre y yo misma. Gracias a CR por sentirme así de nuevo.




First contact in Costa Rica and first stop, Tortuguero.

Enjoying the views, first relation with the environment and relax while eating fresh fruit.


Mamon chino, the typical fruit from costa Rica. Just super sweat and delicious.


What happen when you are inside natural therms and the biggest storm come throw? enjoying the mother nature.


Volcán Arenal sunset – La Fortuna


Thanks to give me back.


Probably the best pineapples in the world… maybe could be those ones.


Trekking Pants from Decathlon

Dungarees short from Zara

Palms´tree T-shirt from Topshop



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