# 33 – India – Part 1

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India, the big country of the philosophy, as the hinduism. One of this countries that you won´t never forget, and it is true that everyone goes wants to come back. Thousand of Km from North to South and totally different areas. I have the opportunity to discover the North, I will be back for the South I am sure. I start my trip in Delhi, Old and New[...]

# 32 – Nepal – Himalayas´Country

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Kathmandu is one of this cities full of colours, smiles and greatful. After the earthquake in 2015, the city is really destroyed and still receiving thousand of help from everywhere. You can still find the consequences on the streets and buildings. The people are so kind and nice, always trying to help you even asking for a selfie. That feeling is so[...]

# 31 – Tulum Street Style

Tulum, one of this cities that now is getting more and more popular, in the Mexican Riviera, that live together with the traditional culture. The Street Style is so cool, you can find really nice Mexican swimwear stores as AlasOlas. Small design hostels as Hotel Corazón de Jade. Plenty of handmade dresses, belts (as the turquoise below), shirts,...Th[...]

# 30 – Yucatan Peninsula State

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Amazing people in this country!!! Mexico Lindo. As always and expected, surrounded by smiles and nice people. From the north of Riviera to the South. Getting into Yucatan peninsula and Valladolid town. One week and amazing adventures. Take the bus and don´t be afraid to explore it! Sólo puedo decir que gente maravillosa en este país, co[...]

# 29 – Love Story

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New year new life... after almost 6 years I have decided to leave London, my dream city. And always will be. I wanted to write this post since a long time ago, packing, Christmas, documents,... you know what is when you move to another place. Such a mess :) It has been the most difficult decision and the best one ever, I still in love of the most amaz[...]